Here you can see the exact dimensions of the TWIN STICKS. If you are still unsure, please contact us at any time by email or WhatsApp.

The D-STRAP - Front wheel fixation

The D-STRAP is the perfect accessory for your Parax wall mount. With a flick of the wrist it locks your front wheel and protects your wall from dirt. It is made of high-quality and extremely robust leather and comes in two different lengths. To choose the right length, please measure around the rim and down tube with a tape measure and select the appropriate length from the dropdown.


How do the bicycle tubes get onto the sticks?

After being purchased by us, we thoroughly clean the tubes. Then, custom pieces are cut and stretched onto the sticks using a special tool.

Does the maximum load of 20 kg refer to one or both sticks?

The maximum load always applies to the entire rack. As long as your bike weighs less than 20 kg, the TWIN STICKS are perfectly suitable.

Are the TWIN STICKS suitable for square top tubes as well?

Yes, they are. Even square top tubes find a secure place on the TWIN STICKS.